Brand photography is a photo session for business owners which will capture a wide range of images from product photography to photos of your team. It will also include business portraits and headshot photos. 

These sessions aim to show you and your business at it’s best, showing off your personality and style! Even if your business is product-based, you will benefit greatly from brand photography. People become attached to a brand through the people involved - they like to know ‘the face to the name’.

Brand photography images may be used on social media, on a website, in advertisements or in marketing materials. Any place where you want to market your business - you need a quality photograph! Creating great marketing material becomes much easier when you have a varied selection of powerful images at your fingertips.



Professional headshots present you at your best. It's the same for corporate headshots or headshots for actors. Your expression should evoke confidence and warmth. You should appear approachable and engaging. A great headshot reassures the business manager or casting director that you are worth considering for the role. At Marta Faye we are experts in guiding you through a photo shoot to make sure you get great expressions and a variety of photos that are genuine and authentic. We want to make sure that your headshot will make a great impression in your daily interactions online.



Portraits are a celebration of life. When was the last time you were photographed and felt truly happy with the results? We can easily forget the importance and value of owning beautiful fine art portraits. Our memories are captured and frozen in time. The prints can be kept and treasured forever - keep them in a folio box on your coffee table, frame them and hang them on your walls or give them as gifts to family and friends.

You can be photographed with your loved ones, your best friends, or you can have the experience all to yourself and have a solo photo shoot. Alternatively, you can gift a photo shoot to your family, friends or clients. Contact us for more details.

Our portrait sessions are designed around your needs and vision, we can set up a photo shoot in your home or in our studio just outside Galway City, whichever is most convenient for you. We guarantee a fun and relaxed session where we will capture each person's true essence and personality.



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